Cornerstone Business Services

We take the investment banking merger and acquisitions (M&A) model and offer it to the lower middle market in the Midwest. At Cornerstone, it’s about quality not quantity.

We work with a limited clientele across the Midwest and dedicate our considerable resources to making each engagement a success. We work strategically, create leverage for our clients, and deliver higher values for businesses.

Our core competencies are selling privately held and family businesses, helping companies grow through acquisition, and assisting individuals to acquire a business. That is 100% of what we do, and it will make your buying a business, selling a business or  succession planning a comfortable and low-stress experience.

Success from the Start
We recognize that not every business is ready for sale. That’s why we only accept engagements when we believe the timing is right. We understand you only get one chance to sell your business. We won’t tell you what you want to hear.  We’ll tell you what you need to hear (the good and the bad), giving you realistic information so you can make a well-informed decision about selling your business.

Buyer Reach
Depending on the needs of the client, we’ll exercise a regional, national, or international buyer reach. We have the tools and contacts to reach the best, most qualified buyers (strategic/synergistic, private equity, and high net worth individuals). Our clients tell us they sleep better at night, knowing we got them the absolute highest value the market would bear.

The Statistic We Hang Our Hat On
Since 2001, Cornerstone has developed proven best practices that distinguish us as thought leaders in the market. With our experienced mergers and acquisitions advisors, proprietary process, buyer reach, and limited clientele, Cornerstone maintains a closing ratio that is significantly higher than the national average. As proof of this success, we have continued to close a significant number of deals, a testament to the effectiveness of our methods.  Here are some of the businesses we sold.

Positioned to Serve Businesses Across the Globe
We serve national and international businesses from our two offices in Wisconsin and Iowa.

Media & Press Releases

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