Cornerstone Buy Side Services sources quality acquisition targets in the lower/middle market. We search throughout the country for passive sellers who are not actively engaged in the M&A marketplace, opening doors to unique and valuable opportunities within your focus area.

We assist business owners, first time buyers, and private equity groups seeking platform or add-on acquisitions in a proprietary deal flow.

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Ted Breidenbach

Benefit from Outsourced Deal Flow

Competition is high, and sourcing deals through traditional channels has become significantly more expensive. Buyers competing in the M&A auction environment are paying higher multiples under less-than-ideal structures.

We allow you to free up your internal resources to focus on closing your transactions and managing your existing portfolio. With Cornerstone Buy Side Services, you benefit from these advantages:

  • Proprietary deal flow
  • Vetted, qualified sellers
  • Greater leverage for your team
  • Increased capacity to close transactions

Expand Your Deal Pipeline

As a buyer, you have two pathways to utilize our services: Proprietary Pathway and Pool Pathway.
Both give you exclusive deals and preferential access.


Engage our exclusive search services and be the first to evaluate new opportunities. Cornerstone Buy Side Services will increase your access to discrete, individual negotiations, placing you well ahead of the market. We identify and vet businesses that meet your acquisition criteria so you can begin discussions with qualified sellers, poised for action. Proprietary deal flow services are available as part of a flexible retainer/success fee package.


Join our buyer pool. A select group of registered buyers comprise a pool that has access to opportunities that have not met our proprietary buyers’ requirements. Along with the other pool buyers, you will be notified when qualified companies fit your specific investment criteria. Pool services are success fee only.

Enhance Your Deal Flow

Successful acquisitions begin with the right target. We’ll identify high-value deals that fit your investment strategy. Here’s why we’re successful:

  • Robust advisor referral list – a global network of lawyers, accountants, and the other personal advisors business owners trust most
  • Advanced databases of privately-held businesses
  • Multi-channel marketing approach, including direct mail, email, and strategic calling campaigns
  • Personalized research methods with dedicated attention to your specific criteria
  • Industry-leading experience

Drive your acquisitions to the closing table. We’ll identify high-quality deals and support your team throughout the entire acquisition process. You choose the services you need:


  • Acquisition strategy
  • Valuation analysis
  • Negotiation support
  • Due diligence
  • Financing & deal structure
  • Virtual data room


  • Private equity groups
  • Sponsorless investors
  • Business Owners
  • Family offices
  • High net worth individuals

At Cornerstone, we give our commitment, protect your integrity and uphold our attention to detail to present you with the best investment opportunities.

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