All business owners will eventually exit their businesses. We help business owners plan for this event to maximize value, minimize risk, minimize taxes and go out on their own terms.
Exit planning is about defining your goals, establishing a plan, and executing a medium to long term transition strategy. The process can be expedited but typically occurs three to five years prior to selling your business.

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Exit Planning Process


  • Cornerstone will provide an estimate of value so you know what your business is worth now and what can be done to improve that value
  • Once you know what your business is worth, talk to your financial advisor and tax accountant to determine what you will need to net out of the business to reach your financial goals
  • Depending on the scenario, your exit planning team may include an M&A advisor, tax specialist, M&A attorney, estate planning attorney, financial advisor, lender, valuation expert, and a business psychologist


  • We then ask a series of questions designed to identify your objectives:
    • When do I ideally want to stop working in my business?
    • What comes after I sell?
    • How much is my business worth and will the proceeds fund my next venture (or retirement)?
    • Who do I want to transfer my business to? Employees? Family? A third party? Can each of these pay what the business is worth?
    • What are the legal issues and tax ramifications?
    • What if something unexpected happens before I sell? Who will run the business?


  • Identify the value driver that will maximize your return in a sale
  • Explore ways to transfer ownership while maximizing value and minimizing taxes
  • Coordinate defined goals into personal, financial, and estate plans


  • The business owner ideally allocates three years to positioning the company for sale
  • The final 9-12 months are spent actively marketing the company

Here is an example of the exit planning process: CASE STUDY – Planning Now to Sell Later

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