Brad Kirkpatrick

Most small business owners (78%) plan to sell their business to fund their retirement, and they need that sale to cover 60 to 100% of their retirement income. Yet, when it comes time to sell their business, less than half (43%) of all business owners plan ahead.

Imagine you worked in corporate America but waited until retirement to open a 401K and talk to a financial advisor. Everyone would say you’re crazy, but business owners play that kind of Russian roulette every day.

Even if you’re not ready to sell, get an annual estimate of value on your business. Find out how much your business is worth and how to increase that value to meet your future retirement needs.

Better yet, ask about the Cornerstone BAMA (Business And Market Analysis). We provide an estimate of value, industry comparisons, and a sellability score with targeted ways to enhance value.

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Brad has been providing M&A advisory services and other consulting services since 2005 and has facilitated numerous ownership transactions. In 2013, he merged his M&A practice with Cornerstone Business Services.