With the summer months coming up, Cornerstone Business Services’ Scott Bushkie wrote a timely article for the Green Bay Press-Gazette highlighting the importance of time away and how that enhances the value of your business. Whether it’s a family trip to a cabin or a long weekend for a child’s soccer tournament – that time away gives your management team a chance build trust and help you move the business forward.

There will be a learning curve, no doubt. But take those bumps in the road to learn and coach your team, and in the long run – when you’re transitioning out and are ready to exit – there will be more interest in your business.

You can read the article here.

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Jon raises visibility for Cornerstone Business Services’ online brand presence, amplifying awareness of the organization’s distinct strengths in the lower middle market. Jon has spent his entire career in the IT industry, with roles in technical and digital marketing analysis. He was a partner in a lead generation firm that focused on the futures and forex space.