Know Your Priorities

By John Kelly


The market is strong and sellers are receiving multiple offers, but the buyers they choose aren’t always the ones with the biggest checks.  Would you take a lower price to ensure the buyer fit your culture?  How about a million-dollar price cut if it meant the difference between years of seller financing vs. cash at close?

Sellers face these kinds of choices all the time.  Deal structures should be carefully considered and evaluated, long before you reach the negotiating table.  Whether or not you realize it, you’re positioning and negotiating from day one of a sale.  If you don’t have your priorities figured out, you might give a buyer the wrong impression…and that can spoil a deal.

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John has more than 20 years of ownership experience in the food industry. For 11 years, John served as president of Kelly Pickle Company (formerly Bond Food Products). Under his leadership, the food processing company expanded through an emphasis of product development, sales, marketing, and manufacturing efforts.