Jason Tuzinkewich - Cornerstone Business Services

So, you have one big customer who represents 50%+ of your revenue. I get it. You know what to expect of your major customer, and they know what to expect from you. It’s good work. But when a buyer looks at your business, they’ll see danger signs.

What do you do?

Option 1: Plan a growth strategy that develops new customer accounts and limits the business you’ll accept from any one large customer. (Tricky, I know.)

Option 2: Factor it into your exit strategy. You might sell years sooner than intended, staying on as an employee or minority owner and providing the buyer with the security of a long-term transition to transfer those key relationships.


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Jason has 20 years of professional experience in business operations and development. He is well positioned to guide business owners through their M&A options while coordinating all efforts to help ensure a successful outcome for each and every one of his clients.