Take A Vacation To Grow Your Value

By Rodney Ott

Rodney-OttBuild a strong management team and work on transitioning yourself out of the business. Buyers want to see that the business can run and run well without your constant attention.

What would happen if you took the summer off? What would you come back to? If the answer is locked doors, then you’ve got some work to do. If your team might call you and have a meeting once a week, you’re moving in the right direction.

If that idea terrifies you, start with a day, then 2, then a week and continue to grow from there. One other quick tip; don’t be easily accessible for all questions, give clear expectation of what scenarios you want to be contacted for otherwise force your team to make the decision and watch them grow.

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Rod grew up in a family construction business and comes from an extended family of entrepreneurs. He understands the challenges and commitments that come with business ownership, and the importance to the client of the best possible business transaction result.