You have multiple options when selling your business:

  1. 100% sale and transition out of the business
  2. 100% sale and multi-year employment contract
  3. Leverage recap:  sell majority (typically 60-80%) and roll over equity with new partner; goal is to sell again in next 5-7 years*
  4. • Great for owners who realize they want to take some chips off the table and not have all their eggs in one basket but still want to be engaged for the next several years or for someone who sees a big opportunity in front of them but does not want to risk significant investment at their age or life cycle and want a partner to help them get to the next level

  5. Sale to management team or partnering management team with a PE firm to maximize cash at close vs. funding full buyout over 5-10 years
  6. Help transition to next generation of family… (Cornerstone can work on an hourly basis to play “referee” usually involves an EOV and some structuring work