If you’re like most small business owners, your business is your largest asset.  And you’re counting on a successful sale to create the lifestyle you want.  Don’t take chances.  Know what your business is worth so it’s ready to sell when you are.

Ask Cornerstone for a Business & Market Analysis. Once we see what your business is realistically worth, how it compares to your specific industry peers, industry trends and your current Sellability Score (28 page report) we can help enhance your value. It could be the difference of millions of dollars.

Cornerstone Business Services - because you only sell your business once


  1. We will educate you on the value drivers for your specific industry
  2. We will show you where you exceed industry benchmarks and where your business will appear weak to a buyer
  3. We will identify the low hanging fruit that will help you drive significant value in the shortest period of time

If you feel you don’t have the skill sets or time to reach the identified benchmarks, we will connect you with our network of proven business consultants.

We’ve vetted experts in sales, lean manufacturing, financial reporting, and other management strategies. Together with these advisors, we will guide you through a plan to prepare your business for sale.

Our goal is to help you achieve or exceed your value expectations in an expedited and cost-efficient manner.