For Value, Seek Boundaries Not Burnout

By Jason D Tuzinkewich – CBI, CM&AP

Jason Tuzinkewich - CBI, M&A Advisor

Too often, I hear from business owners who “vacation” with their family, only to stay back in the hotel glued to a computer or phone while their spouse and kids have fun without them.

Take the time to coach your management team and/or key employees to run the company in your absence. Give them the authority needed – sure they will make some mistakes but at the end of the day your company will be much more valuable if it can operate without you, not to mention actually enjoy your family on vacation.

For myself, I find that by setting boundaries and finding the right work-life balance, I’m able to bring more energy and focus to my work. It makes me a better leader to my employees and a better advisor to my clients.

Burnout is one of the leading reasons people sell their business, second only to retirement. And I can tell you with assurances, business owners who are burned out don’t get the same value as those who go out strong, with gas left in the tank.

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Jason has 20 years of professional experience in business operations and development. He is well positioned to guide business owners through their M&A options while coordinating all efforts to help ensure a successful outcome for each and every one of his clients.