About Us

Our mission is to create positive life-changing events for all the lives we touch.

Our History

Scott Bushkie founded Cornerstone in 2001 with a focus on business ethics and elevating advisory services available to the lower middle market.

Since then, we’ve grown to nearly 20 professionals, building businesses and legacies across the country. We did this by following a core commitment to honest conversations and a relentless drive for superior results.

Our Advantage

Global connections: As a member of the Cornerstone International Alliance, we are partnered with M&A advisory firms across the country. These relationships give us direct access to advisor specialists in countless industries. CIA members have executed transactions on multiple continents and have the international experience to provide global transaction solutions. To learn more about CIA you can visit www.cornerstoneia.com

Technology: We combine personal analysis with the greater capability of industry-leading technology. Our clients benefit from our considerable investment in extensive databases, industry research, valuation analysis and secure virtual data rooms.

Continuous growth: At Cornerstone, we place a high priority on continual learning. We know it’s critical to stay current on M&A market dynamics, technology, and best practices. We gather with professionals across our discipline to build connections and find the best possible solutions to serve our customers.

We care about YOU:  We take the time to listen to you and find out what you really want in a sale.  Many times, it is not just all about the money.  This allows us to craft a customized strategy that has the best chance of meeting or exceeding your specific expectations allowing you to go out on YOUR TERMS.

Limited clientele:  We choose to limit the number of clientele we work with at any given time.  We want you to feel like you are our only client and we can give you the necessary time and resources to successfully execute what will be most likely your largest financial transaction of your life.  Remember you only get one chance to do it right!

Our Principles

Do the right thing at the right time | Deliver on our commitments | Have the courage to say “no” | Meaningful impact

Not just a job, our passion | Do whatever it takes | Every client, every time | We work hard because the work we do matters

Relationships are our greatest asset | Clients are key, but employees are our highest value | Connections become trusted partners

Keep an open mind | Recognize everyone’s contribution | Be honest and transparent | Dedication and collaboration

Create value — for our clients, for each other | Make a positive difference in people’s lives | Respect and support individual goals | Give each other the gift of success

Our Team

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