You spent years building your business and fulfilling your vision. Now, Scott Bushkie provides sound advice and concrete steps so you can Finish Strong and exit your business on your own terms.

With more than two decades of insight, Scott covers everything from the importance of timing, to buyer types, valuation, legacy, and lifestyle, with an ultimate goal to explain your options and provide peace of mind.

Be confident you took all the right steps as you make what is most likely the largest financial transaction of your life.

The Finish Strong Book and Workbook

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Finish Strong

For business owners, their business is likely their largest asset, usually tying up 70-90% of their entire net worth. However, most do not have a current valuation of their business and do not know if an eventual sale of their business can support their goals for retirement.

“Finish Strong: Sell Your Business on Your Terms” will bring light to the many questions around your eventual exit from your business. Know what makes businesses more attractive to buyers. Understand how preparing early and running a structured sales process can achieve what matters most to you. Look at your own emotional readiness for your next chapter. Sell your business on your own terms.

Finish Strong Workbook

This companion workbook to “Finish Strong: Sell Your Business on Your Terms” contains exercises designed to help put thoughts and good ideas to action as you read each chapter.

Too many people put their business on the market because they’re reacting to a trigger – and it’s usually not a positive one. In the rush to sell, they end up missing out on these critical steps that could make their transition easier, more valuable, and more fulfilling.

The exercises in the Finish Strong Workbook will help you maximize your value drivers, understand what you need to live your next best chapter, and ensure you are emotionally ready for your eventual business exit.

What’s being said about “Finish Strong”?

“Finish Strong: by Scott Bushkie is a must-read for every business owner – as he notes several times in the book, you will one day exit your business. You might as well get prepared, and Bushkie’s easy-to-follow tips are a great guide to begin processing next steps.

I think most business owners have an end goal at some point to exit. I know for me. This book has helped me to understand what to expect, work through the process and clarify what I truly want out of the business and in life.

I would recommend that Spouses & Life Partners of business owners read this, as well as any other family members involved in the business. It’s what you need to know at any stage of your business to best prepare for the future.

As an M&A attorney with nearly 30 years of experience, I have observed many qualified operators fail to properly prepare to exit their business. It is an ongoing process and common mistakes often limit enterprise value. By following the advice of this book and completing the simple exercises therein, you will be in a better position to maximize what is important to you when you are prepared to transition your business.

Selling your business can be an emotional, stressful time, if it is not done right. Often times, your business becomes your identity…”your baby!” One day you want to sell and the next day you don’t. Scott Bushkie understands that struggle, as well as, all the other components that must be considered when selling.

There’s a lot of literature on starting a business, but not a lot of great resources for achieving the ultimate goal effectively: selling it and reaping the rewards of all the risks and hard work. Bushkie uses his experience and real client stories to provide practical and straightforward advice to business owners who want to have a positive exit from their business.

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