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Acquisition Searches

Growth Through Acquisition

Buying a business is a key goal for your organization. But you’re only seeing active market deals, and the search is pulling resources away from day-to-day business. We can help.

We specialize in buy-side advisory services. With decades of transaction experience, sitting on both sides of the table, we have inherent insight into what it takes to make an acquisition work.

Whether you need help sourcing proprietary deal flow or developing a full acquisition plan, Cornerstone will be your guide. We’ll usher you through the entire acquisition process, from search through negotiation and due diligence — and set you up with the right target to enable growth.

Outsourced Corporate Development

Cornerstone Buy-Side Services sources quality acquisition targets in the lower middle market. Our process delivers:

  • Pre-emptive “off market” deals, leading to private 1-on-1 negotiations
  • Multiple choices for investment
  • Strategy-driven deals that add value on multiple levels

Our Approach

  • Establish an acquisition plan
  • Assess management readiness
  • Evaluate financial capability
  • Conduct target industry assessment
  • Develop screening criteria
  • Prepare acquirer’s business profile
  • Produce & execute target marketing plan • Create target business profiles
  • Select optimum candidates
  • Present purchase offer and negotiate
  • Conduct due diligence
  • Close the transition

Accretive Value

  • Creates proprietary deal flow allowing buyers the best options for acquisition—not companies that are actively being marketed by a sell-side brokerage
  • Allows multiple acquisition options versus engaging one deal at a time, saving both time and money
  • Leverages technology through internal database of companies. Our data paints the picture of a private company’s operations and financials—information not available from public record searches
  • Delivers an “off the shelf” solution for growth initiatives, eliminating the need for full-time corporate development staff
  • Utilizes continuous process improvement model for attracting, identifying, analyzing, qualifying, and closing deal—end result adds enterprise and operational value to an organization

All Conversations Confidential

If you are looking to grow through acquisition, we can help. Contact us for a confidential conversation.

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